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Pavia from a different point of view



Today's man as a result of a continuous evolution that has taken centuries. 


"The Lands of our Forefathers" is not a travelling book or a city guide of the beautiful italian city of Pavia.

It is, rather, a reading tour of the history and of the culture hidden in the landscapes and corners of the city. 

Browsing the pages of the book you will discover an incredible land, full of history and culture.

Images, texts, and aerial photography will drive you through the roads of Pavia. 

We really do hope you will enjoy this reading travel of the city. 

The past does not only manifest itself in individual testimonies immediately obvious or easily recognizable...


Fiorenzo Cantalupi's pictures and photo collages incredibly illustrate the history and facts about the city.

The city of Pavia is full of beatiful spots and activities to enjoy.

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